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a photo a day: february 5-11

i…completely failed at a photo a day this week. i gave myself the theme of flowers & foliage. in hindsight, not such a great idea when you don’t see the sunlight because you’re working 12 hour days. so instead i will leave you with an instagram roundup. turns out that most of them i did actually take on the intended days! (though not intended for this project. shh.)

2/5/12: superbowl sunday! any excuse to make bread dip

2/6/12: already getting plenty of use out of this bad boy

2/7/12: josie’s super amazing tee shirt. 

2/8/12: pho with nontra to discuss important things like shoes. 

2/9/12: bethany’s last day. we miss her already :(

2/10/12: we’re moving next week! last bittersweet happy hour in the alley. 


2/11/12: i got the most awesome email today! 

last weeks photos here

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