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wish you were here: january 2012

one of my resolutions for the new year was to start a new feature called “wish you were here.” the basic premiss is i just list all the reasons/memories/events that made me happy to be in la in the month. 

  • spent the last day of last year in sunny hollywood, eating chick-fil-a and taking pictures of the city. 
  • rang in the new year at universal city walk and got to see (for the second time) the wonderful mister kevin smith.
  • new years day POOLSIDE!
  • laughed at the comedy store
  • attempted to watch a meteor shower, but ended up with just a lovely evening under the stars instead.
  • drove with the windows down pretty much every day. 
  • walked to the beach in shorts and a tank top.
  • complained about being cold in a 3/4 length sleeve in 65 degree weather
  • rode bikes to the beach

january seems to be very heavily weather-related, but so be it. in january, and any other month for that matter, the weather has a great deal to do with my mood and why I am here. 

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day glo

i needed a backpack. so i scoured the internet checked urban outfitters to see if they had anything cute. they did! so i went to the store and the power was out. so i could not buy said backpack. so i went to forever 21 and i tried to be good you guys, really - i was determined to walk out with something out of the ordinary for me. so i went into the dressing room with a pile of trousers and button up tops but none of them worked. so i walked out out with a boyfriend cardigan, jeans, and a scarf. so sue me. so i went back to urban the next day and bought (a different) backpack. so there. 

tank: target

shoes: nine west

glasses: melrose flea market

everything else: f21

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a painting a week: 3/52

i’m so proud of this one. i flippin love it! i almost want to keep it for myself, but alas, it is number two in sunny’s four-part series. i’m gonna try and be better and do this weeks painting tomorrow, rather than put it off until saturday night again. but i am pretty excited that i’ve stuck to it thus far. i know its only week three, but still. i think in these three weeks i’ve done one more painting than i did all of last year. thats sad. i hope its not true. anyway…week four comin up!

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pajama party

if you follow me on twitter, you know that yesterday, i felt like i was wearing pjs. i didnt realize though how much i looked like i was wearing pjs until going through the photos. holy moley. lesson learned: these pants must be worn with heels. second lesson learned: only double up on cardigans with skinny jeans or leggings. i was all over the place here. live and learn, i guess.

cardigans, pants, necklace: f21

top: hand me down

boots: steve madden

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nudist dreams

promptly after taking these photos, i declared that i wished i could be a nudist. it would be awesome. two reasons. one: i love being naked in the sunshine. there is nothing {much} better. two: i’m just so much more comfortable without clothes on. when you’re dressed, theres always elastic thats too tight, or a waistband digging in, or a scratchy fabric bugging you. in this outfit, i’m relatively comfortable, but i still find myself constantly tugging at parts of it. also, as much as i love fashion and care about how i look, i hate getting dressed. i always have. is that weird? 

top, tank, sweater: all hand me downs from nontra

skirt, necklace: f21

sunglasses, shoes: toms

photos by marshall

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a painting a week: 1/52

you guys, i’m so excited about this resolution. i’ve been wanting to paint this guy for some time now, so here it is - my first painting of 2012! Its the library on ocean park and…i wanna say 31st. i just now realized that i forgot “fairview branch” underneath “library.” oops. i’ll do that as soon as i get home and then promptly post to etsy

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i’m not usually a big resolution maker. i usually feel like if there is a change to be made, just make it in the moment - why wait for new years? but this year i have a lot of projects i want to do and things that just need to happen, so i figured i’d write them down to keep myself accountable.

  • a photo a day, which should be a cinch, but i want to give it some focus so i don’t end up with 365 pictures of my feet. 
  • a painting a week. i’ve gotten so off track with my paintings and they’re the whole reason i even started the blog! i eventually want to do a craft fair, so i need to build up my inventory. 
  • "wish you were here" feature. a little something i’ve been dreaming up in my head. i’ve tried features before, but those have been out of my comfort zone and ended up not getting off the ground. this one will be totally doable all on my own.
  • lose at least 1 size. for the most part, i’m comfortable with the way i look, but i’m much happier when i’m smaller. it just feels better, obvi.
  • blog redesign/organization. one thing i am NOT comfortable with is the way my blog looks. i’m so dissatisfied with it, and it gives me a ton of anxiety. this will be a tough one.
  • write everything down. since college, i’ve almost always carried a little notebook with me and written down every single piece of important information or just ideas and to-do lists. lately i’ve misplaced this habit and i really need to get it back.

that’s it for now. marshall and i were talking about it on new years eve, and i know there were more, but these are the biggies. we also have some fun projects planned together that i’m pretty excited about and can’t wait to share. i have a feeling this will be a great year.

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fly away home

welcome to wisconsin, folks. it. is. cold. if you follow me on twitter, you know i flew home yesterday and it was basically a nightmare. but it is good to be home with my family, despite the frigid temps. this was my airport outfit - i always have grand plans of dressing up for travel, but leggings always seem to win. easy slip on and off shoes are essential for flying, and a scarf for keepin warm on the plane. 

shirt: vintage

tank, leggings: f21

scarf: “borrowed” from mom

socks: target

boots: steve madden

photos by mom!

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